Directed by Rosalind Thomas-Clark
Music composed by Allyssa Jones
Choreography by Fernadina Chan
with Jade Guerra, Elyas Harris, Victoria Marsh, and Josh Santora

TC Squared is working with high school actors on this professional production. The text, adapted by TC Squared, is based on the National Theatre London adaptation by Carol Ann Duffy.

Where? The Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Commonwealth Ave, Boston

Performance dates: Saturday & Sunday May 21-22, 2016, at 7pm

RSVP for seats – $10 donations welcome

The story: The text has been adapted for 2016 in Boston, USA. It is funny and funky and full of cool contemporary music.

GOD looks at this messed up world of 2016 and She decides it’s time for a reckoning with MAN – and that means EVERYMAN, which means US! She calls her Messenger DEATH and tells him to bring EVERYMAN to meet Her and announce his good deeds.

EVERYMAN is trashed at his 40th birthday party when he meets DEATH and falls off the balcony of his Boston penthouse apartment. As he falls to his death, he tries desperately to find someone in his egocentric and selfish life who will be able to tell GOD about his good deeds. But he doesn’t seem to have done anything good so far! Nobody will help him, and they all refuse to come with him to die. Bad luck! However, since they are all a part of EVERYMAN they actually have no choice but to die with him.

KNOWLEDGE finally shows EVERYMAN the way to finding his soul, and God accepts him in death as a good guy who has repented. DEATH, snubbed by EVERYMAN, is furious, and there is a twist for the audience at the end of the play.

Youth groups involved in the production come from Another Course to College, Boston Arts Academy, Josiah Quincy Upper School, Lena Park Community Arts Workshop, and True Colors Theatre Offensive Youth Group.

EVERYMAN small photo 4.27.16 copy