TC Squared’s second full play production premiered January 2020.

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Paul Benford-Bruce as ULYSSES
Letta Neely as ARNETTA
Zair Silva as BERNARD

About the play:

Ulysses, a retired black history professor, and his wife, are planning their dream trip, to go on a safari in Kenya. Bernard, their only child, is a success, and is about to receive a big promotion. All is smooth sailing until Ulysses and Arnetta get separated on a walk home from the zoo.

Smoked Oysters tells the story of a Black family whose comfortable, predictable life is tested by circumstances beyond their control.

About the playwright:

Mary M. MCCullough’s plays have been featured in Boston’s African American Theater Festivals, Slam-Boston, ACT-Roxbury Dramatic Shoutouts, the former Theater Co-Op of Somerville, MA, and have been toured by The Streetfeet Women, Inc, a writing and performing group co-founded by McCullough. She was a 2016 participant in Company One of Boston’s PlayLab and is currently developing new work in the TC Squared Theatre PlayLab in Cambridge, MA. A podcast recording of an excerpt from McCullough’s play Ballahoo in the Hair Kitchen can be heard on the Boston Podcast Players website, Season 1. Short stories by McCullough have been featured in literary journals, the International Center for Women Playwrights’ publications and The Streetfeet Women’s publications. Mary has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater from Goddard College, and a Master of Arts in Writing from Northeastern University. She lives in Somerville, MA with her husband and his cat.

Hear the playwright talk about the play: