Our 2023-2024 Season Art Salons Have Concluded

Thank you to all who came to support our playwrights on their writing journeys. Stay tuned for future Art Salon announcements!

Our 2023-2024 Art Salons

Missing a Beat by Alex Leondedis

Directed by Alex Leondedis
Nick Bennett-Zendzian as Stefan Goodman
Laurel Durning-Hammond as Randy Green
Kelcee Everette as Sophie Levy
and Owen Bird as Etienne Levy

October 3rd at 5:15 pm
The Foundry, 101 Rogers Street Cambridge MA
Hooked by Charlotte Snow

Directed by Emily Thibodeau
Josh Santora as Darcy/Jake/Heather/Joanna
and Bird Rattigan as Doctor/Mr. Pruitt/Nana/Giant Crocodile

Barren Hearts by Rawchayl Sahadeo

Directed by Regine Vital
Paloma Valenzuela as Elena
Paola Ferrera as Maria
James Milord as Mark
and Dev Luthra as Dr. Martin

Aftermath by Karen Gallagher

Directed by Evelyn Inker
Rachel Greene as Amalie Hansen
Carolyne Leys as Veronika Evans
Trisha Barua as Violeta Idrik/Lina Parker
Alice Corvo as Dr. Evelyn Gage/Carol Wayland
and Eli Mones as Jes Hansen/Mike Retter

Adam’s Dream by David Marshall

Directed by Donna Glick
Stetson Marshall as Adam Clayton Powell
John Porell as Lyndon B. Johnson/Speaker of the House
Thamanai Jeremie as Blanche
Alice Corvo as Isabel/Witch 1
Angela Gunn as Hazel/Witch 2/Stage Directions
Raquel Duarte Hunt as Yvette/Witch 3/Backstage Singer/Geraldine
Nick Perron as Mo Udall/Voice of God
Josh Olumide as Stoop Man/Adam’s Father/Reporter
Caleb Palmer as Sam Rayburn/Newsboy/Stage Directions
and Josh Santora as Representative Rankin/Adam’s Attorney

The Dead Dadz Club by Surrey Houlker – March 9th at 2 pm
The Foundry, 101 Rogers Street Cambridge MA

Directed by Gloria Crist
Alexander Platt as Stage Directions
Mars Boucher as Vee
Nico Miller as Brooke
Charlotte Snow as Lulu
William Malloy as Ethan
Tiffany Santiago as Natalie
and Jude Torres as Lucas

Nineteen Lights at Breeze Knoll by Noah Good – April 13th, 2024 at 1:30 pm
The Foundry, 101 Rogers Street Cambridge MA

Directed by Emily Thibodeau
Amelia Rodriguez Josoy as Patty List
Fiona Herter as Past Jill
Mordecai SJ Choi as Past/Present Ed
Katelyn Paddock as Present Jill
Caleb Palmer as Robert/Officer
Rebecca Shoer as Linda/Barbara
Paul St. Cyr as Scott
Chloe Burton as Nancy
and Nick Bennett-Zendzian as John List

Engage With The Process
Experience a new script and provide critical feedback for our writers and directors.

Playwright Art Salons present new work in development with TC2 PlayLab. Directors and playwrights collaborate with actors to prepare for a reading in front of a live audience. Each reading begins with the playwright sharing a bit about their play and process. Audiences respond after hearing the play read by actors. This lively exchange is critical to developing plays and fostering new voices in theatre.

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Krysten Carol on CONCRETE DREAMS

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