Premiering January 2018 to multiple sold-out houses, TC Squared’s first full length play production, with support from the LAB grant from The Boston Foundation (Barr), was a hit! Read on for details on the production, photos, and audience responses!


Lyndsay Allen Cox as MEL
Blair Nodelman as LAIONE
Nicole Ventura as SHEENA
Alexander Joseph Muñoz as TROUT
Hayley Spivey as HAZE


Director: Rosalind Thomas-Clark
Assistant Director: Amy West
Scenic Design: Ben Lieberson
Lighting Design: Jeffrey E. Salzburg
Costume Design: Stephanie K. Brownell
Sound Design: Jay Mobley
Stage Management: Kailey Bennett
Props/ASM: Julia Fioravanti and Jadira Figueroa
Makeup (Laione): Tori Moline


Crossing Flight works because Erin Lerch’s ambitious play is grounded in deeply felt human emotion. And Ros Thomas-Clark has brilliantly assembled a cast of actors who are also well grounded in the realities of the physical world of Erin’s fantasy landscape. They all have a centered quality that makes the play real and vivid. Each actor has a uniquely striking presence that matches the singularity of Erin’s characters. Erin and the actors are special people and each has something distinctive to contribute to the Boston Theatre scene that can’t be given by anyone else. The same can be said for each of the designers who enhanced Erin’s vision in every corner of the set, every light cue, every custom designed costume and every evocative sound cue. Ros found an incredible design team that I hope she gets to challenge again soon on her next ambitious production. I can’t wait to see what they all do together next time. And of course, dramaturge Marty Kingsbury’s nurturing generosity, with Erin and all the playwrights who have gathered around Ros’s kitchen table, is at the root of everything that came to full fruition last night.Victoria Marsh
Congratulations to all involved in the production of Erin’s Crossing Flight. Set, costumes, acting, and directing were excellent. It was wonderful to see this play come to life on stage. It took many talented hands. Well done.Mary McCullough
Based on Crossing Flight, I would certainly attend another production of TC Squared; the set was terrific; and as for the play itself, it certainly emphasized our need to grapple with the concept of ‘the aliens winning’ (in fact I heard someone say they had already won – meaning Trump and his base). Even with all the current activism, I think we’re way too complacent. Most people are still living their lives as if the seismic shifts going are not really dangerous, and I liked that the alien and the human (both renegades) actually could work together on a shared goal, though the depths of their different world views were pretty formidable; and I thought the pace was good – really carried you along. I’m always impressed by how Ros Thomas-Clark is able to help people blossom.Joan Lancourt


Just a note here to say how impressed I was with the production of Crossing Flight.  The play itself presents a fascinating scenario with the conquering outsiders perhaps symbolizing our own dark impulses.  It’s remarkable that it was written by someone so young.  The acting by the (again, young) cast was really bracing! They propelled the story forward and created some vivid characters.  Great production values, too, and Ros’ direction was outstanding. Congratulations!Mimi Huntington
Crossing Flight was terrific.  The acting was excellent.  The production captured my complete attention for the duration – and beyond— I keep “going back” to it days later, and it seemed like the entire audience would agree.  The script made me think about totalitarianism and resistance and loyalty in its many forms.  And it was a damn good story!Susan Freireich
A unique twist on the science fiction genre that feels relevant to our current times.  Crossing Flight stays with you when you leave.  An engrossing story that creates a world I want to know more about–could generate multiple stories–a TV series? Well-crafted, directed and acted.Sue Huggans
Crossing Flight warps you into a post apocalyptic world that you have to snap yourself out from, yet doesn’t seem too far away from our current days. While New York City resembled the craters of Swiss cheese, the action in front of you burst out of the cracks of the hidden wooden shack. The secret refuge never seemed safe with the loud tension between humans and aliens. And surely nothing was safe from the rumbling of the Goliath crafts hovering overhead that could be felt in the audience. The carefully crafted intimate set left no one anywhere to hide from the looming dangers and their personal motives, especially Mel and Laione. It was pleasant to find moments of light, perhaps even hope, despite the despair that surrounded us, and reminded through what is the primitive communication of radio. The production was refreshing to witness, bringing themes real to us today through a tangible sci-fi world. The show kept you on the edge of your seat, which was necessary because at any moment it was time to take off. How exciting!Mani Lopez


About the Playwright

Erin holds a BFA in Stage Management from Boston University. Their short play WORLD LINE appeared in 2016’s The Next Stage Festival, and had a full staged reading with Blunt Objects Theatre Company in New Orleans. An excerpt from their new play THE DEVIL YOU KNOW appeared in 2017’s The Next Stage Festival. Erin’s ten minute plays (which include DON’T LOOK BACK, CLOCKWORK, and EVENT HORIZON) have been read and produced in Texas, West Virginia, Florida, Washington, and throughout Massachusetts.



Want to know more? Check out this video of the playwright discussing the work:

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